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Racquet, Issue 23

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Racquet is a new quarterly magazine that celebrates the art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis. We fondly remember the swashbuckling sport of the tennis boom of the 1970s and ’80s, and our goal is to help restore some of that swagger to today’s game. We’ll work with some of the best writers – those experienced in the tennis conversation, and those who’ve never covered the sport – as well as artists and photographers to explore the modern tennis landscape, bringing you something beautiful and meaningful four times a year.

In this issue:

Racquet is back with—can you believe it?—our 23rd issue! In these pages we re-assess our feelings for Novak Djokovic, and take a close look at Saudi Arabia’s courtship of tennis. On the cover we feature Indian tennis legend and haberdashery hero Anand Amritraj, and stay in India to visit the site of World War II’s Battle of the Tennis Court. We also go undercover in Beverly Hills and do a deep, deep dive in “The Inner Game of Tennis”. And for escapism we bring you sultry days on Lake Como. You won’t want to miss this one. See you on the courts!




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