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Revs, Issue 23 – It Is Time (Cover A)

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Released twice a year, REVS magazine is an independent title from Helsinki. Lead by audacious creative direction that pushes the boundaries of a magazine. As seen in its covers, REVS blends into the reality of the moment. Painted on a wall, on the skin of a model, or a street sign.

REVS is a meeting place for those who shape cultures. It is driven to discover and unveil talent; to include the raw thoughts and unedited faces, cruel needs, and desires. Embracing the new while praising the experience and talent of those who shape our reality with their ideas. REVS is a host to designer’s interviews, visionary photography contributors, and international fashion editors. It reaches out to artists that share an insight into their inspirations and dreams, providing an understanding of their surroundings. REVS is a title of immense beauty, timeless meanings, and discovering talent. A persistent representation of the importance of now, the constant of yesterdays, and a revolutionary tomorrow.

In this issue:

Time is defined by the past, the present and the future altogether. You and I are a part of that; we live through time. Without exception, we are part of a conversation between cause and effect.

This issue speaks of us being ready to ask ´why?`; stronger than ever, our voices are louder than they have ever been. Together, we are exploring who we are and what our individual and collective roles in making the world a place truly worth living in, must be. That time has come; it is our time to ask ´why?` and act upon the answers that we are dealt.



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