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Rouge Fashionbook, Issue 5

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Rouge Fashionbook is China’s first bi-annual luxury independent fashion and art magazine. The magazine will bring a mix of young artists from China together with the works of international art and fashion artists to create a truly China-centric global fashion and art community. Rouge Fashionbook will feature fashion shoots, in-depth interviews with designers and influential subjects from the world of art and fashion. The aim of Rouge Fashionbook is to provide a platform for the new generation of creatives from China and Asia to showcase their work and creating fashion forward images with the help of more established international artists. Rouge Fashionbook will be sold at independent bookstores, galleries and boutiques internationally.

In this issue:

In the 5th issue of Rouge Fashionbook, named “Grotesque,” we look at how social media infiltrates the “beauty standard” into China’s young generation. With fast development of influencer economy that rigidly draws the lines between what is “pretty” and what is “ugly,” we challenge social norms, where we insinuate the stereotypical “Asian beauty” in order to raise awareness of certain issues especially among young generation in China.

This issues consists of 4 “grotesque”bodies, the design of the book is still deliberately bizaare, the pages overlay on a fascicule, the uneven shapes are like the swelling somatic cells…this game of rebellion has no rules, anyone can be the manipulator, you might need to use your minds, rethink every story and those bizarrely tantalizing bodies…

This world has every kind of stories about “being chosen,”they exist in a homogeneous space, being “the manipulated” and experiencing rules of the game. Come on, fashion rules are not that crual, this bizarreness just happens to touch you, distortion, dysmorphia, distruction…brands’ scalpel has reached the market…you are beautiful enough! Did you see the chair over there on the beach? Just lie down and have a drink, look at how they enjoy you, look at how beautiful “weird”is.

“The grotesque body is an open, unfinished body, which is never sealed or fully contained, but it is always in the process of becoming and engendering another body.”


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