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Rouleur, Issue 127

225 SEK
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Release date: May 31, 2024

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The finest cycling journal in the world, published eight times a year. Each issue is classic and collectable, bringing together the very best cycling writers and photographers to convey the essence, passion and beauty of road racing.

In this issue:

Italy is the perfect example of the fact that countries are both more and less than the sum of their parts – it is a nation of huge diversity, variety and regional differences, which are somehow glued together into a coherent and sometimes incoherent whole.
We all have our ideas about what Italy is – passionate, warm (literally and metaphorically), beautiful, historic, artistic, creative and a little wild, and Rouleur 127: Italia! celebrates the role that cycling has in the rich culture of Italy. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Giro d’Italia has helped forge a sense of territorial unity in its host country – remember that Italy was only unified in 1861, and so the fact of a bike race linking all the disparate regions, cities and cultures of the Bel Paese, was a strong statement about what and where Italy is. In 1909, when the Giro’s first edition took place, the race was a unifying force; in 2024 its priorities have changed a little – it’s the best possible marketing for Italy itself, and the organisers describe it as ‘the world’s toughest race in the world’s most beautiful country’.
We’re celebrating Italy and the Giro in Rouleur 127: Italia! We’ve interviewed Geraint Thomas, Alessandro De Marchi and Jonathan Milan, a GC favourite, a baroudeur and a sprinter who have all shone at the Giro. We also have an interview with Silvia Persico, one of Italy’s best female riders. We celebrate the culture, history and human geography of Italy with a photo feature from Naples and Pompeii. And because we’re Rouleur, and our readers are the most cultured, inquisitive and polymathic cycling fans in the world, we have features about the seminal Futurist painting Dynamism of a Cyclist, by Umberto Boccioni, and an interview with the dance music DJ Pete Tong.
Rouleur 127: Italia! is the world’s finest cycling magazine about the world’s most beautiful country.

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