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Run Wild, Issue Four

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Human connection and collaboration help us expand our views, be more adventureous and reflect as we travel. We publish stories that give fresh perspectives, new ideas and question current thinking, all chosen to provide the most value to our readers.

We believe in unfiltered ‘true to life’ photos together with realistic accounts and interviews with a diverse range of contributors. We use sustainable printing processes and design the magazine to be collectable, re-read and passed on.

In this issue:
There are few places on Earth as remote, raw and strikingly beautiful as the wildernesses of Patagonia, The Amazon and Namibia. Unforgiving, yet fragile landscapes that remain mostly undisturbed by humans with small local communities woven into the natural fabric of the environment. Both people and place have come to rely on visitors to support the protection of these stunning regions and wildlife in them. We explore essential travel to these areas and the idea of slower travel where less is more. The world has changed and we view our local areas with new curiosity, seeking adventures among the Peaks, Lakes and Cornish Coast of England. We delve into these areas and experience overland escapes across Europe to the Alps, Italian Dolomites and the southern coast of France.


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