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Sablos, Issue 02

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Sablos is a new vision of luxury travel and style that offers its members a unique perspective on the world. SABLOS is a trusted premium travel resource informed by an extensive and ever-growing list of global creators, innovators, makers and doers across all five continents.

An antidote to the anonymous tips posted on search engines and travel apps, Sablos is the “where’s where of the who’s who” that talks to the world’s most inspiring people about the places they love in the locations they live and travel to. For us, people and their places are more relevant than ever.

Sablos was created by Saul Taylor — an ex-editor at Wallpaper* and a founding editor of Monocle magazine — who brings over 20 years of editorial and travel experience and unrivalled access to an influential, international group of youthful individuals who are shaping a more creative, positive and responsible world.

In this issue:

For our second issue, we take a design tour of Copenhagen with architect Thomas Lykke and a cold-water swim with chef René Redzepi; appraise the Mexican art scene with some Mexico City insiders; we take a day off in Chiba with “lifestylist” Yukari Ota; spend the weekend with PR guru Alex Agulló in Barcelona; join musician Florence Shaw on as hopping trip in London; and go on a night out in Berlin with DJ Andrew Vvarholla. There is the usual hospitality and transport news and views and we also launch our Cultural Calendar of events to attend this Winter, a Travel Essentials Special, profiles of five people and their places for 2024 and shoot a fashion story in Kamakura.


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