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Scandinavian MIND, Issue 1 – The Transformation Issue (Sophia Bendz)

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The team behind Scandinavian MAN is launching a new editorial platform: Scandinavian MIND. The platform is launching AW20 both online and in print. The purpose is to widen the scope, covering the intersection of fashion/lifestyle and technology.

The new platform is unisex. Just like previously, Konrad Olsson is the Editor in chief, Ursula Wångander is the fashion director, and Erik Olofsson is the creative director. The theme for the first print issue is TRANSFORMATION, specifically covering the need for transformation in the worlds of art, design, fashion, entertainment, and technology.

In this issue:

Issue 1 — The Transformation Issue

The inaugural issue of Scandinavian MIND is focused on the need for transformation in the fields of lifestyle and technology.


• Sophia Bendz, the marketing director for Spotify that became an angel investor focused on fem-tech.
• Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo, on reconnecting with nature and launching products in a post-pandemic world.


• The Innovators. A list of the twenty Nordic ideas surfing the tsunami of change.
• Fashion. Eleven creatives from Scandianvaia interpreting ”Transformation”
• Special section: Beauty Innovation. The world of Nordic Beauty is transforming with sustainable packaging, natural ingredients, and a non-gender approach.
• Interviews: Linda Leopold, Jan Christian Vestre, Fredrik Timour, Nina Siemiatkowski, Konrad Bergström, Emelie Maistedt.
• Art. Lap-See Lam on marrying 3D scanning and Virtual Reality with a delicate, dreamy artistic expression
• Architecture. 3XN Architects is dedicated to creating a cohesive fusion of design, function, and context.
• Food. Danish fine-dining establishment ARK practices its sustainability preach.

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