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Sindroms, Issue 8: Orange

549 SEK
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Release date: June 28, 2024

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Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind. Curating its content based on specific colours and investigating them across culture, Sindroms immerses its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour.

In this issue:

Orange. Intense, buzzing, tingling. Pulsating with energy. Our 2024 edition delves into the colour orange as a portal to unravel the mysteries of Energy.

Energy can be hard to define, so this edition is an exploration of its elusiveness. We’ll delve into the multifaceted aspects of energy as a force field – which exists both as a cosmic phenomenon, a life-giving current that flows through the universe, but also deeply intrinsic, a vital essence that courses through the human body.

We navigate the intricate tapestry of energy, tracing its presence not only in the cosmos but within ourselves, exploring the subtle interplay between the two – from wishful thinking and energy vampires to the kinetic force behind ballet.


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