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Slanted, Issue 43 – Ukraine

279 SEK
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Release date: May 17, 2024

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Slanted started with a Weblog in 2004. The first magazine issue was published 2005.
Slanted is the first German magazine devoted to typography. It takes an interdisciplinary approach, and has been designed to complement the highly- frequented internet blog at www.slanted.de.

The main focus of Slanted is typography found within design, illustration and photography, but a variety of other topics — related both directly and indirectly to the field — are also addressed. The magazine contains expertise analyses and reports, as well as information on typographic experimentation, portraits and interviews with today’s superstars and underground players on the international scene of typography and design. All of this is presented alongside spectacular, first-class graphics and thought-provoking photography.

In this issue:

In 2017, Slanted Publishers embarked on a journey to Ukraine, collab­orating with local artists to print political posters, initiating the Poster-rex Tour. Dedicating a Slanted issue to a specific city or country requires a network of connections for the Slanted team. Despite having some delicate relationships with Ukraine from previous projects, the opaque and complex situation there made publishing a challenging task. But fuelled by new friendships, overwhelming generosity, and the motivation to create a significant publication about the state of the Ukrainian design scene, Slanted Publishers embraced the challenge without hesitation. This issue serves as a significant contemporary time capsule, a testament to the profound impact of design, and an expression of Slanted Publishers’ unwavering commitment to the cause of Ukraine.


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