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Tank, Issue 32 – The Summer Reader 2020

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TANK is an independent UK-based quarterly publication, that covers contemporary culture, fashion, art, architecture, technology and politics.

In this issue:

Against the backdrop of climate crisis, generational insecurity and widening inequality, it seems increasingly as though escape and withdrawal are the dominant expressions of our contemporary moment. But is this yearning for cosiness a prison as much as a retreat? As we hunker down under the duvet, shutting out the rest of the world, are we just building walls against the unknown? To reflect on these questions further, sink into the fabric of your chair and delve into the fluffy padding of TANK’s spring issue.

  • Venkatesh Rao untangles his concept of the “domestic cozy” and the ways it has come to define a new Gen-Z aesthetic
  • As the close of the decade ushers in another Conservative government, Joe Kennedy surveys our new era of box-set politics
  • Rachael Allen on how ecological catastrophe forces us to move beyond doge memes and reckon with the uncute aspects of the natural world
  • Huw Lemmey listens in on the emotional economy of ASMR
  • Plus, interviews with Paul B. Preciado, Alexander Zevinand Tai Shani, and new fiction from Jeff VanderMeer

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