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The Furnishing Handbook

Author: Frida Ramstedt
Hardcover, 2024
395 SEK
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A new way of thinking about furniture, from the international bestselling author of The Interior Design Handbook

Award-winning blogger Frida Ramstedt shares insights and advice on how to make sure the furniture you buy doesn’t just look good but is also well-made, long-lasting and, most importantly, comfortable to use every day. Inspired by her rich Scandinavian furniture design heritage and filled with insider tips, The Furnishing Handbook is an indispensable guide to finding the pieces that work best for your body and home.

‘Ramstedt advises us to look away from social media to create the nurturing homes we need’ – The Times

Frida Ramstedt is the founder of Trendenser.se – one of Scandinavias leading design blogs featuring interior design and styling know how, trend forecasting, home tours, DIY projects, product news and reports from design events in northern Europe.

Trendenser was founded in september 2005 and Frida Ramstedts first book The Interior Design Book was published in Sweden march 2019.


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