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The Lissome Issue N°3 – Cosmic Commons

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Lissome, adjective, late 18th century, abbreviation from lithe + -some
Synonyms: gentle, calm, gracious, kind

Pronouncing the feeling of watching long, graceful blades of grass swishing in the breeze, “lissome” is an attempt to explain something that is fundamentally ineffable, a moment of serene awareness that you’ve experienced but never had a word for. That kind and gentle awareness of ourselves and, as a consequence, of our surroundings, is the larger story that inspires us at Lissome.

In this issue:

In our third edition, The Lissome N°3: Cosmic Commons, we envision a synthesis of the intimate and the celestial and take a playful dive into the galaxies of outer space and inner worlds. We aim to create a vision board for (a) collaborative future(s), a living breathing commons, filled with cosmic laughter and universal love.

We listen into a new epoch and sense an ancient network of interconnections. Where is our place as humans in the vastness of the night sky? Star seeds are gathering, and the sanctity of the commons shows us a path: we can rebuild our world by coming together and reclaiming our shared prosperity and aliveness. The sacredness of space is not for one to rule but for all to steward. Our future is a pluriverse.


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