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Tush Magazine, Issue 52

198 SEK
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• This item is not available for purchase outside the EU due to the weight
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Tush presented four times a year to about 250 glossy pages of the themes of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, design and art in a new, larger context. Topics in Tush reflect much more than the beautiful surface and draw the eye also on the horizon. Aesthetics and the history behind it. Who or what the trends? Its about the beauty all over! The world of beauty, luxury, pleasure to be here – both with her beautiful, and with its sometimes negative or questionable aspects – glamorous, creative, honest, sometimes erotic, set times provocative and always witty, with competent and creative look at scene – in words and pictures. Tush thus shows how influential and relevant in the world of beauty for our whole life.  

In this issue:

Take 52! Cast for the main roles in this issue: National acting talents like Jella Haase, Lisa Vicari, Maximilian Mundt, Alicia von Rittberg and social media phenomenons like Xenia Adonts and Stefanie Giesinger – plus international faces including pop star Luke Hemmings, as well as the artists Beautyspock, Gena Marvin and Ugly Worldwide. Domen & Van De Velde, Anairam, Serena Becker, Niklas Haze, Armin Morbach and more bring forth an overall cinematic flair. Beauty, art and interview features also live their main character moments!


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