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Wonderland, Spring 2019

179 SEK
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Release date: April 26, 2019

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E-mail when item is available for order

Wonderland is a uniquely positioned new, independent, bi-monthly publication for both men and women spotlightning contemporary visual culture- art, design, film – both the influences and developments, together with the very latest fashion, shot by some of the most innovative photographers working today. Assisting the readers instead rather than dictating to them, so that they may decide for themselves how to spend their time and their money.

In this issue:

Between them, Joshua Buatsi and Ramla Ali hold a handful of national titles, two fruitful partnerships with Nike, one Olympic Bronze medal, and several groundbreaking sporting firsts. Having both become infatuated with the all-consuming nature of training and competing when they were teenagers, Buatsi and Ali have both dedicated the majority of the past decade to the sport.  In the Spring issue, we meet the Tokyo 2020 hopefuls who deconstruct the daily grind of training to stay at the top for us. As Buatsi puts it: “In a race you can come second, third, fourth, fifth, but in boxing? There’s you, and him.”.





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