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Wonderland, Spring 2024 (Kano)

235 SEK
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Release date: April 12, 2024

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Wonderland is a uniquely positioned new, independent, bi-monthly publication for both men and women spotlightning contemporary visual culture- art, design, film – both the influences and developments, together with the very latest fashion, shot by some of the most innovative photographers working today. Assisting the readers instead rather than dictating to them, so that they may decide for themselves how to spend their time and their money.

In this issue:

Kano covers the Spring 2024 issue.

“I’ve been recording, I kind of stopped recording now, but I was recording a little bit last year. I’m going to continue again this year. What I miss a hell of a lot is the stage. I miss performing. So I want to be performing and I’m always turning down shows and stuff because I always want to perform with new material. Obviously, I’d perform the old material as well, but with the focal point being new material. So I would love to drop something soon, but it just has to be right. But yeah, I’m in that place though. I’m definitely in that place.”

Top Boy, The Kitchen, Made In The Manor and Method to the Maadness – rapper and actor Kane Robinson (a.k.a. Kano) has used his life experiences in London to create some of British music and TV’s most celebrated works. Covering our Spring 24 issue, The Kitchen Director Daniel Kaluuya talks to the artist and music pioneer about his career to date.


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