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Alphabet Cooking: K is for Korean

Hardcover, 2016
165 SEK
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Alphabet Cooking is the brand new neon-themed cookbook series from Quadrille. Merging traditional dishes and streetfood inspired reinterpretations, these books serve as an awesome introduction to on-trend cuisines from around the world.

Kicking off with M is for Mexican and K is for Korean, each book contains 50 simple recipes that cover the fundamental basics of each country’s gastronomy. These are the two trending cuisines of 2016 with #koreanfood appearing over 1.4 million times on Instagram and a 71% rise in Mexican restaurants last year, making these books the ultimate musthaves for any budding gastronomes.

M is for Mexican boasts chapters dedicated to street food and salsa & sides as well as big dishes, starters and desserts. Discover Gorditas (corn pockets), Caldillo de Chambarete (broth with beef shanks) to Cochinita Pibil (slow-cooked pork with pickled pink onions) and even homemade Churros (fried choux pastry with chocolate sauce).

K is for Korean offers classic Korean dishes of Kimchi (fermented vegetables) and Mandu (dumplings) and has an entire chapter dedicated to its legendary rice and noodles dishes, as well as a Bibimbap (rice with beef and vegetables) and Korean Fried Chicken (aka K.F.C).

Alphabet Cooking is set to become the ultimate guide to contemporary cuisines, all brought together in this definitive, highly desirable series of must-have cookbooks.


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