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Eat, Run, Enjoy

Author: Billy White
Hardcover, 2019
295 SEK
Sold out.

Shortlisted for the World Gourmand Cookbook of the year best cookbook in the sports division.

Listed by The Guardian as on of 20 best food books of the year.

Eat, Run, Enjoy is a recipe book designed for runners at all levels. It features 80 mouthwatering recipes including breakfasts, salads, main meals, snacks, drinks and desserts many of which are vegetarian or vegan, and all designed with busy runners in mind. These easy- to make and nutritionally balanced meals will help runners reach their performance goals in an enjoyable way. It’s delicious food that not only tastes great but will also keep you going through long days on the trails and in the mountains.Includes insightful interviews with some of the world’s best trail and mountain runners, who offer their their nutritional advice and tips on how to become a better runner.

With beautiful food photography and stunning images of some of the world’s most majestic trails, this book will inspire you both to get cooking some wholesome and tasty food in the kitchen, then to lace up your trainers and head outside to enjoy the run.

Featuring Emelie Forsberg, Ida Nilsson, Mimmi Kotka, Ricky Lightfoot, Courtney Dauwalter, Zach Miller.

Billy White is a British chef based in Sweden, who has a background in fine dining, including St. John in London, Fäviken and Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren. He is now head chef at Rosendals Trädgård, Stockholm. As well as cooking, he also has a passion for long- distance trail running, especially in the plentiful trails and forests of Sweden. His aim is to shift the focus in endurance athletics from food as fuel to food as something to be enjoyed. He lives just outside Stockholm with his wife and two young children.

  • ISBN: 9789198559828
  • Publisher: Gawell Förlag
  • Language: English
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 224

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