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Esquire: How To Be A Man

Hardcover, 2015
155 SEK
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No matter how hard we try, one thing about being a man will always remain true: We can do better. Whether it’s throwing a dinner for ten, slow dancing with your date, or shining a shoe, we all have room for improvement. This is the essential masculine guide to navigating a complicated world. You’ll learn how to be the master of your grill, call it off with a woman, cut a respectable rug at a wedding reception, pack the perfect bag for a business trip, interview for a job, maintain a magnificent beard, tune up your bike, and even properly pronounce the name of that scotch you’ve been drinking.

  • ISBN: 9781618370778
  • Publisher: Hearst
  • Language: English
  • Year: 2015
  • Pages: 185

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