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Extra Extra, Issue 12

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Extra Extra is a magazine for erotic encounters, drawn against a vibrant urban décor. Extra Extra provides a platform for sensual modern life, where curiosity, tenderness and exaltation come together. It’s a place where city stories bridge differences and inspire dialogue and aesthetic enjoyment.

Extra Extra honors the vital way intimacy guides our daily life and promotes a conscious way of conducting your life, in an open, curious, self-assured manner.

Extra Extra is a creative dream of city life where art, music, writing, fashion and food touch upon our daily reveries through the inner city. We celebrate the erotic tones of creative endeavors, with a witty and sophisticated eye. We interview creative city dwellers who dare to share the sensual fantasies that can be encountered in their work. The magazine dedicates space to short fictions by established and emerging writers from over the globe. A broad selection of artist contributions further explores dimensions of eroticism.

In this issue:

A glamourous feel in the air: Issue n°12 takes off, for your suave self to land in the arms of sultriness!

To allure your imagination and trigger unsuspected fantasies, writers Persis Bekkering, Philip Huff, Vamba Sherif, Frank Siera, Sven Vitse, Marwin Vos, Elfie Tromp, Nina de la Parra, present tumultuous short stories on the hotel

In a room of body movements, choreographer and dancer Boris Charmatz shares sensuous gestures in a conversation with Fatos Ustek on permeability and contradictions

Are all poems love poems? Angry, in love, seduced and seducing poet Keston Sutherland addresses writing in relation to sexuality, power and capital with Natasha Hoare

Imagine a queer future with artist Carlos Motta interviewed by Manuel Betancourt on the ways the flesh is both politicized and a political tool through desires

Be disoriented by the talk of filmmaker Anocha Suwichakornpong by Paul Dallas on ruptures and non-places, the cinematography of the invisible

Find a loving home inside the universe of Antonia Showering’s paintings, a color palette depicting seasonal change as a kiss foaming
Stretching towards daintiness, Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’ photographs fetch for a hand under the hem of a jeans, a strand of luxurious vegetation in your hair,
Through the silky rose curtains, photographer Deana Lawson depicts the sensuality of unspoken dreams, the tenderness of generations that stare at you,
Put on your zebra skin baby, Athi-Patra Ruga’s artistic talent fills our hearts with helium, when freedom and transgression merge through the elegance of subtlety in Pauliana Valente Pimentel’s photographs.

Feel how the touch of a certain piece of clothing on your skin can trigger, warm, affectionate memories. Vestjoy founding editor Anja Aronowsky Cronberg explores the sensuality of the wardrobe in the essay Saudade: An Echo of the Past in the Future.

 Let yourself perverted by Sam Steverlynck’s Some Thoughts On feature, a guide to architecture through the city of sins with juicy anecdotes

The desire to meet the other on the tangents of vulnerability. In the Sugar Rush, Matteo Lucchetti invites artists to reflect on eroticism and desire as ways to access alternative notions of precarity, as explored in Visconti’s film Conversation Piece.
Discover the unruliness of Manchester Urbex by Rosa de Graaf, following glistening sequin and reigning queens throughout the pulsating history of the city’s past vicissitudes, time to live q hundred years in one night!
As there is nothing more to desire than more of desires, for you, a selection of erotic literature in the new feature Extra Readings; a panel of daring language and shared fantasies to inspire a walk with a lover, or to keep your lust warmer under the sleeves of winter.


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