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Food&, #3 – Nuclear War

95 SEK
Sold out.

Food& is a biannual printed publication that explores topics in which food is presented in unconventional or uncanny settings.
An experiment; a reflection on the relation and use of one of our most basic needs; an excuse to meet new people and spread their work; a strange and fun assignment.

In this issue:

Albane Simon, Ann Kiernan, Anna Nurmela, Anouk Miserez, Bailan Lan, Claudia Moraru, Elisa Jule Braun, Ellis van der Does, 方匕, Hernan Barros, It’s The Vibe, Jenny Claire Heck, Jess García, Justė Urbonaviciutė, Kenya Sugai, Kiki Ljung, Kiri Mioki, Kyoko Takemura, László Csernátony Lukács, Leopold & Ulrich, Lita Poliakova, Lotta Sahlin, Maansi Jain, Magnus Krüger, Marieke Helmke , Mark Stapelfeldt, Matthias Planitzer, Nadine Kolodziey, Omar Castañeda, Patrick Buchholz, Pete Wise, Roman Schram, [Sam Brewin], Sebastian Lettner, Vivian Hartund




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