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Human Shift – The Fourth Chakra (Jessamyn Stanley by Jaylan Rhea)

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Human Shift – Transformation through  movement  

Sir Isaac Newton stated: “An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it. An object that is in motion will not change its velocity unless a force acts upon it.” In other words, if one does not act, nothing will change. 

Human Shift is here to explore and inspire movement – of the body, mind and energy.

We are an international, unisex, trans-seasonal magazine with style, sports and wellness as the common denominator. The print edition is published twice a year in English.

Our HQ is in Stockholm with our team sprinkled across the  galaxy.

In this issue:
This issue brings us to the center of our being—to the mid-point of the energetic rainbow, located
at the heart, the home of the fourth chakra. Anahata in Sanskrit means to be unstuck or unhurt—
because only when the heart beats untethered to regrets and attachments does LOVE
flow freely.

Contributors to issue 04:
Kevin Courtney, Gurucharan Singh Khals, Mia Levitin, Crystal McCreary, Stefan Janoski, Jon Gray,
Mia Ganda, Lisa Weinert, Kacey Jeffers, Jeff Krasno, Dr. Tara Swart, Lisa de Narvaez, Thomas Droge,
Bess Matassa, Haven Fyfe Kiernan, Michael Rowe, Clay Rasmussen, Jenn Tardif, Jaylan Rhea,
Imraan Cristian, Philippe Lacombe, Doug Segars, Elisabeth Toll, Guen Fiore, Kacey Jeffers, Magdalena Wosinska, Joseph Molines, Derek Henderson, Beau Grealy, Clay Rasmussen, Magnus Unnar, David Vasiljivic.


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