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JRNY Travel Magazine, Issue Four

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This is a magazine for those who love a sense of adventure. More “exploring” rather than “resorts”. There will be a range of different travel experiences from a variety of destinations. Articles will be in the form of written features, round-ups and photo essays.

From unforgettable road trips to unique festivals around the world. From hiking in the wilderness to wildlife, these are travel experiences and adventures for you to enjoy, brought to life told by award-winning writers and photographers. The aim of the magazine is to inspire and stir that sense of adventure that we all share.

In this issue:

We kick off Issue Four with Zoey Goto as she travels around Southern Arizona, meeting the people breathing new creativity into its desert communities. Revitalisation is also the theme of Emma Gibbs’ article, where she visits a number of projects working to rewild the dramatic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

A sense of the past is never far away, wherever you go, as Gail Muller finds when she crosses from coast to coast in Cornwall, tracing the legacy of its mining industry. In the Yukon, James Draven uncovers another region where history has been etched into the landscape. By contrast, there’s a sense of an enchanted land that never changes in Kate Wickers’ exploration of Puglia, while Sue Watt ventures beyond Zanzibar’s beaches to explore the maze-like streets of historic Stone Town.

Phenomenal landscapes, as always, sit at the heart of JRNY, from Jamie Lafferty’s trip into the Guyanese wilderness to Sarah Siese’s horseback exploration of little-known Kyrgyzstan. Hiking the new Via Berna trail, Rudolf Abraham witnesses an abundance of gobsmacking panoramas in the Swiss Alps.

Kav Dadfar takes a road trip through the vast, otherworldly landscapes of Argentina’s Salta region, while Ian Cumming’s photo essay explores how Iceland’s natural abundance is now being reflected in its cuisine.


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