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Konfekt, Issue 13 – Winter 2024

195 SEK
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Konfekt is a magazine for Sharp Dressing, Drinking, Dining, Travel and Design from the creators of Monocle.

Edited between Zürich and London, and printed in Germany, it is a rich, sumptuous quarterly publication covering fashion, travel, design, drinking, dining and culture in both English and German.

With good humour, an exacting eye and a brave spirit, Konfekt celebrates a chic, understated glamour, seeks out lesser-known stories and opens closed doors. It’s an ebullient host, a mountain trek, a winter spin on a handsome bike and even a leap into an icy lake (with the promise of a warming Reisetbauer eau de vie).

Edited by Monocle magazine’s senior editor and former Paris editor Sophie Grove and with Marcela Palek as style director, Konfekt also calls on a roster of leading journalists, thinkers and photographers from Germany, Switzerland, France and beyond. Konfekt offers an authoritative voice with wit, wisdom and just the right amount of warmth and wonder.

In this issue:
It’s frosty outside – allow Konfekt’s winter issue to invite you in. Embrace the festive season’s sparkle with our first-ever jewellery special and let us recommend gifts and decorations – be it Lithuanian straw stars, French wreaths or Swiss treats. Whether downhill or cross-country, we’ll lead you on and off the pistes at snowy Alpine resorts and head up the Himalayas on a Nepalese reportage. From Finnish woollen coats to an Iranian hatter’s surreal creations, our fashion picks will get you ready for a whole season of brisk walks, cosying up and sleek hosting.


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