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Marfamily #5

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For its fifth issue, MARFAMILY has seen the future… looking beyond the veil to see how the past has formed what will be – progress isn’t always productive!

Gifted with the art of precognition, MARFAMILY #5 takes the form of an abstract prophecy which is both physically and mentally recyclable. Its convoluted narrative arc sweeps from the 15th century invention of the printing press to a fictional apocalypse in the near-future, wrought by man’s environmental inaction.

MARFAMILY #5 sees the return of some MARFAVOURITE ladies – after all, recycling ideas is good for the soul. Brief vignettes featuring Lara Stone, Olympia Campbell, Helena Severin, Jess Cole, and the in-house Supermodel Lily McMenamy grace its esteemed pages. All this alongside fresh, shiny and new content to warm your heart, including conversations with actress Stacy Martin, artists Peter Halley and Lois Dodd, the female Imam Seyran Ateş, and many others.

To immerse yourself in an edition of MARFAMILY is to open your mind up to a state of cultural ecstasy. You should always be sceptical of those that offer up unsolicited advice, but we urge you to let the MARFAMILY message into your life. Purchase yourself a copy and let the art wash over you.





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