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Nobody, Issue 1

179 SEK
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Nobody is a biannual print magazine about people, and the stories, places, and things they carry. We’re interested in looking beyond the headlines, into the lives of strangers, and at the everyday experiences that teach us about ourselves. We publish reported longform writing, photo series, illustrated memoir, and other experiments in voice.

In this issue:

For Nobody issue one, we chose the theme “Failure,” a topic that we felt was a good jumping off point. It is both something that is often misunderstood—forced into categories—and something that unites us. After all, we all fail. We even failed to make every story fit perfectly within our “Failure” theme. But in these pages, you’ll find glimpses of life under the pandemic—including Shimeko Frankiln’s crowd-sourced collage project, Quarantine Confessions, and Dean Snodgrass’s lockdown photo diary, A Walk to the Garden—as well as dramas that have played out over years and generations, such as the essays by Eda Yu and Andrew Ritchie. Our other pieces stretch from New Jersey to Istanbul to a closet in Copenhagen where we peer into the lives of strangers to find stories about everything else.


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