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Sociotype, Issue 2

379 SEK
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Sociotype Journal is a new platform for thoughts on culture and society, that also happens to be a type specimen. Issue #1 is typeset in our very own serif superfamily, Gestura. Appropriately enough, our theme is “The Gesture”.

When words fail, our hands do the talking. Join us as we investigate raised fists, flicked Vs and power grips, VR mitts and cable knits with NASA, secret signs of the illuminati, street gangs and flight attendants, sign language poetry, greasy fingers, strap hangers, and discover the meaning of the word “thist”.

In this issue:
Welcome to issue number two of Sociotype Journal, the type specimen for those who like to read. Our theme is Makeshift. Join us in our investigations of old things made new and new things made weird, as we celebrate ingenuity on the hoof and ad hoc creativity under extraordinary circumstances.

We’ll go vert skating with Alvar Aalto, explore the improvised landscapes of civil unrest, and the free-floating façades of the modern city. We’ll dig deep into the world of hobby tunnelling with the Mole Man of Hackney and Elon Musk, wander cowpaths of desire, scavenger lanes and shotcrete-encrusted mountainscapes.

We’ll unearth a collection of abandoned artworks at the V&A and murderabilia at the Unabomber’s cabin. With a little Gorpcore upcycling, kintsugi-style vehicle repair, amateur conservation and serial art vandalism, we’ll look for life in the wreckage and new meaning amid the rubble.


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