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Table, Volume 05 – Art

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Table is a bi-annual food, travel and lifestyle magazine based in the United Kingdom. With each issue we aim to celebrate the people shaping our food culture as well as the community. Accompanying these stories there will be a curated selection of travel + design features, recipes, restaurant highlights and thought provoking essays.

In this issue:

Many people believe that we as a society rely on art: it can change opinions, instil values, open minds and translate experiences across space and time. Art brings communities together, evokes passionate emotions and needs no words to be mutually understood. The very same could be said about food. Volume Five is an ode to these two precious things and the intertwined relationship they have with each other.

We want this volume to be a platform for artists in all different fields, from chefs, to painters to sculptors and bar tenders. The experience has left us in wonderment at the niches we found ourselves coming across on this adventure.

We worked with Jack Wareing, a bartender to be sure, but the recipes he created for us are nothing short of a work of art. We also visited Tessa Silva in her east London studio, where she creates sculptures out of milk waste, making something rather extraordinary out of material that may have otherwise been discarded. When thinking of musicians that have been influenced by food, we looked no further than the epicurean devotee Jessie Ware, who has just published her own food memoir, Omelette.

We also visit the home of restaurateur, Bill Granger where we enjoy not only a delicious Peach, honey and hazelnut galette but also conversation on Bill’s career so far and how he handles running nineteen restaurants around the world. Ana Kerin of Kana Studio also makes an appearance discussing what inspires all the beautiful pieces she makes in her east London studio.

You may also notice that we’ve made a few changes to our magazine, adding more pages and changing the paper in which our stories sit, bringing our ideas to life in new and fun ways. We hope Volume Five is as much fun to read as it was to create it.


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