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zingmagazine #25

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zingmagazine came out of the idea that within certain disciplines, artistic and otherwise, various cross-references occur, both with individuals and the material of their particular interest. Rather than remaining isolated and apart, either through an unaware and uninformed (or aware and informed) malaise, there is a need to commingle arenas.

By establishing a forum of collaborative exchange, zingmagazine examines points of both similar and dissimilar articulations. Like sets and subsets in a mathematical diagram, having similar and opposite properties, parts of the exchange will share epiphanies while others will securely diverge.

But in the examination of these current issues, born out of the curatorial collaborative spirit, zingmagazine reaches for the crossing point, and it is from this “crossing” where fiction meets poetry for lunch, theorists mingle with artists over which they are, and while we all assume new boundaries with an excess of technology in the modern world that we find our inspiration. Likewise, it is from this crossing that the title is honed.

The format of zingmagazine is comprised of rotating curatorial projects. Each curator is invited to create a context of their choosing for each issue. A myriad of different disciplines are explored in each issue from architecture, design, fiction, poetry, drawing, photography, video, music, fashion, as well as a special projects including books, posters, and CDs. Lack of parameters or limits is the impetus, with the idea that the creative impulse, within each of the curators/disciplines, will produce individual projects both of the curators and the participants.

In this issue:

  • A new photography project by Jennifer Grimyser titled Free or Missing”
  • Sarah Staton on “Mycology and Dendrology”
  • Amy Gartrell asks us to “Curate My Death”
  • Allan McCollum: 1968-1977
  • Shamus Clisset “Untitled(Empty)”
  • Robert Smithson on “Pop”
  • Kerri Scharlin “In Her Studio”
  • Polly Apfelbaum “The Potential of Women”
  • Michael Ross on “Sculpture\2005-2006”
  • Gaston Karquel/Geraldine Postel and David Magnin “Megeve: Two Days in the Summer 1948”
  • Karin Bravin makes a “Proposal”
  • Marja Antelman/Melanie Flood“The Spacesaver”
  • Willard Boapple “Rips”
  • Heidi Zuckerman remembers “…some fragment of a dream”
  • Christian Schuman on “Obstacles”
  • Elmgreen and Dragset/Maureen Sullivan “Variations of Blue”
  • Bjarne Melgaard remembers “The Worst Year of My Life”
  • Romana Drdova on “Mapo Tofu Masks: An Asian Love Story”
  • Edgar Serrano/Benjamin Donaldson on “Edgar Serrano”
  • Deborah Kass “No Kidding”
  • Natalie Rivera on “The Women’s Group”
  • Brandon Johnson “Paintings for the People: La Familia Lorenzo”
  • Walter Robinson on “Parmaceuticals”


PLUS – A Poster by Mark Licari


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