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Picnic Magazine, Issue 3 -Hollywood Special

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Picnic Magazine is a London based food & lifestyle publication for the caff-hopping, sandwich-scoffing, beer-bellied-bohemian, or anyone with a long list of recommendations in their notes app. Championing beekeepers, bike couriers, chefs, diners and delis and celebrating wider food culture from the boroughs of London to the sun-kissed shores of California.

90’s kids had ecstasy and acid house, the new generation has a curb-side samosa and an 8pm resy at their local Turkish restaurant.

In this issue:

Issue 3 of Picnic Magazine takes us to Los Angeles where we hop in the backyard pool with Eric Wareheim & Joel Burt of Las Jaras Wines, talk rice with brothers Nakul and Arjun Mahendro of Badmaash and discuss America’s best bagels with Arielle Skye and Chris Moss of Courage Bagels.

We also catch up with Armen Martirosyan at his neighbourhood Armenian spot Mini Kabob, share rotisserie chicken with the founders of Kismet Rotisserie Sara and Sarah and join Dow Panyawong for a Thai-inspired feast in the pub back in London.


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