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The Preserve Journal, Issue 1

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Today, we see a paradox where on one side, we as humans, relate to and engage with food every single day. At the same time, we have never connected with and understood our food less than we do today.

We see a food industry, food systems and a food culture which have all become obscure and very difficult to deal with. The links between soil, producers, produce, and consumers have become blurred by industrialized processes and commercial interests. Oftentimes, this can make it seem impossible to imagine what a sustainable, responsible, and transparent food culture actually is, and more importantly, how one can be involved in it and thereby contribute to positive change as a consumer.

With The Preserve Journal, we wish to highlight all those blurred links stretching all the way from the soil to our plates. In so doing, we hope to support the explorations of the many different ways by which we can interact with our food, as well as our potential to impact change.

In this issue:

– Matthew Orlando, Head Chef and owner of Amass Restaurant on running a responsible restaurant.

– Pascal Baudar on Creating novel, earth-friendly dishes through Foraging.

– Katrina Blair on her love for weeds, fighting herbicide practices and bringing hope for the bees.

– Kathe Kaczmarzyk on going Beyond Fermentation.

– And many more inspiring voices and exciting stories which we cannot wait to share with you!

The content of each issue will be collected during a season and the magazine published at the end of it. All content for Issue no 1 was collected during Winter 2018/19 and is the culmination of shared  winter experiences.

To keep our waste as minimal as possible, we print accordingly to your orders. We are aiming at shipping Issue no 1 latest end of April and will keep you informed about changes with regards to this date.


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