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Worms for Luncheon by Worms & Luncheon

249 SEK
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Release date: July 19, 2024

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Worms and Luncheon have come together to bring the tastiest of fertilisers, to accompany your lunch for one. Think of this publication as a wine pairing for bookworms. Each story has been tailored to your taste, with a serving suggestion accompanying each piece. Not to be read in the company of others, and only to be consumed with food.

The 88 page thread bound publication consists of poetry, short stories, personal essays, illustrations and a photo series of the cosiest spots to dine alone.

Featuring contributions from Eileen Myles, Cecilia Pavón, Clem MacLeod, Kate Morgan, Pierce Eldrige, Juliet Jacques, Lynne Tillmann, Estelle Hoy, Jodie Hill, Leone Ross, Slutty Cheff,  Izdihar Afyouni, Gabriela Zegarra, Stephanie LaCava, Chieska Fortune Smith

Cover image by Annie Collinge


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